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Jeffrey Dulaney, President & CEO



Mobile Programming

We specialize in mobile programming. Tell us what you vision and our staff will bring it to life in a few days. No job is too small or big. Give us a call today or click the image and visit the website.

Web Hosting

We offer stable & professional web hosting services through esimplehosting. We offer different payment plans monthly with support 24/7 and a uptime of 99%, click the image to learn more.

Game Development

We can develop video games in a matter of days for you. Our game development company is Dulaney Interactive. Please visit our website to learn more. Click the image above.

Book Publishing

We just built a publishing companey in order to put out and self publish a kidney disease book dear to the CEO's heart you can click above to learn more.

Software Programming

Dulaney Software Group is our software development company. We offer almost all types of services here from desktop software to web applications and more. Click above image to learn more.

Virtual Design

We can develop apps and games in virtual reality or augment reality. No matter how new your idea is we can develop it for you. Technology is changing every week but we stay up on it to bring you the best services at the right price.


Crystal Bishop

Crystal Bishop

Customer Service
Robert Taylor

Robert Taylor

Web Developer
Ted Jimenez

Ted Jimenez



Recent News

Welcome to the new updted website. We are working on a lot of projects, so we will have a new products soon.

Please browse and look at some of our new products that our coming soon. If you have any quote requests please send us an email on what you need.

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